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Hosting on Yapics.com

  • Fast and effective
  • Up to 25 Mo per image
  • Resize possible
  • Public / Private image selection
  • Adjustable time of hosting

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Got Vidéos to Upload ? Got Files to Upload ?

Yapics is a free image hosting site without registration required to allow users to hosting and share images and photos in a few clicks.

The yapics service offers many options: a private image hosting, a possibility of compressing and resizing the images during the upload, the choice of whether or not to allow comments, an expiration method that deletes the images automatically after a certain period of time, or the creation of a gallery so that you can store, manage and sort your photos easily.

To learn more, you can consult the questions / answers on the hosting yapics website.

Simple and fast

A simple interface to quickly host your images

Unlimited storage

Space and Unlimited Storage Time (Choice of an expiry time possible)

Private Image Hosting

You have the choice to host your images in private or in public

Various Tools

Resize and compress your images in a few clicks

Your latest downloads

Below, your latest images hosted on yapics.com (visible only by you). Note that if you delete this list your photos will not be deleted, they will not be displayed in the block "Your latest downloads" simply: remember to save the links before the "reset" if hosting these images was done offline.

Latest hosted images on Yapics.com

Latest public images hosted by Yapics.com users.


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