Questions / Answers about the image hosting Yapics

We have answered many questions so that you can use our image hosting easily: we detail all the possibilities offered by the yapics service.

Before contacting us, remember to read all the answers already provided, we will not answer any questions detailed below.

1. What is Yapics?

Yapics offers a completely free service allowing you to modify, host and share images and photos online, you can:

2. Is image hosting without registration possible?

Yes, you can use the yapics service without restriction without having to create an account beforehand. Hosting without registration will simply be more restrictive because you will have to keep yourself the links (image link / gallery and edit link) as explained in the following question.

3. Why create an account on

If you are hosting images without being registered and connected to yapics:
- a link will be provided to each image and gallery created to allow you to modify the options (allow or disable comments) and delete images: it's up to you to keep these links editions in addition to links images / galleries.

Registered and connected on yapics:
- you'll be able to manage your images and galleries easily, no need to keep gallery link / image link / edit link: everything can be done directly from your account to edit / delete your photos, manage your images by creating / easily sorting your galleries.
if you create an account you will also be able to modify by default the upload options allowing you to adjust your image hosting settings.

4. How to put your photos on Internet?

Just click on the button "UPLOAD IMAGES", set the different hosting settings and press the "host" button once all your images have been added. You will then be able to retrieve the links to share.

5. Which image formats are allowed?

Accepted image formats are: JPEG / JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF / TIF.

6. What is the maximum size of files that I can hosting?

The maximum file size is limited to 25 MB / image which will allow you to host your heavier photos without any problem.

7. Why do I have to select the "Content Type" before each image hosting?

Yapics is a public site displaying the latest images hosted on the home page, so we do not want to display adult content (violent / pornographic) that can be seen by the youngest, so it is for this reason that you will have indicated the type of content before each image hosting.

8. How to choose the link sharing (different codes provided / thumbnail and real size of the image)?

For each image you host 8 links are created, 4 links for the full size image or resize and 4 links for the thumbnail:

You also have the option to share the link of the image without giving access to the gallery by unchecking the box "+ Access Gallery".

9. What is the difference between Public and Private image status? Who can see the photos I have hosted?

Private hosting: you will be the only person to know the link corresponding to your image, only you will be able to see the image, free to you to share the link thereafter.

Public hosting: everyone will be able to access the sharing link and your image, it will also be displayed on the homepage.

10. How long will my images be hosted?

By default the images are hosted indefinitely, they will remain on our servers until you decide to delete. You can also choose a duration of hosting (5mins, 30mins, 6h, 3days, 6months, 1year ...) during the upload, the image will be deleted automatically after the defined time.

11. What are the additional options when hosting?

Several options available:

12. Can we change the default options?

Yes, all the settings of the upload are configurable if you are registered and connected. You just have to go to the configuration page, choose your default options and save your changes.

13. Can we compress the images?

Yes, you can define an image quality thus reducing the weight of the image without necessarily altering the visual rendering (by default the quality is at 78, you are free to modify this parameter).

14. Why are our images compressed by default? Can we change that?

By default we compress your images to reduce its weight while maintaining a similar image quality (quality / compression = 78). You can of course prevent image compression by choosing 100 as the value for "quality / compression" in your configuration page if you have a yapics account or directly when uploading your images.

15. What is the EXIF ​​data? Why are they deleted by default? Can we change that?

EXIF stands for "Exchangeable Image File", it is a set of data relating to each photo: date and time of shooting, camera settings, geographic information, focal length. We delete these data by default to reduce the weight of the image but you can very well keep them if you wish by changing the parameters during the upload or directly in your configuration page.

16. If I activate comments, who can comment my photos?

Each person having access to your images will be able to comment on them (he / it is public / private). From your account you can at any time enable or disable comments for all your images.

17. How do I delete uploaded images?

If you are registered, you will find all your images on your account and will be able to delete any images and galleries. If the upload of the image is done offline, a link to edit and delete the image is sent to you once the hosting is complete.

18. How to report an image / comment that violates the terms and conditions of Yapics?

You can report any abuse via the "Report image / comment" button, via the contact form (contact Yapics) or by contacting us at

19. If I "reset" my mailing list, what happens? Will my images be deleted?

No, if you delete the list on the home page, your photos will not be deleted, they will not be displayed in the block anymore: remember to save the links if the hosting of these images was done offline.

20. I would like to have additional information / report an error or translation problem / make improvements.

For additional information, improvements to be made as well as translation errors or problems / bugs encountered, do not hesitate to let us know and write us a message or to contact us at !


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